Privacy Policy

This privacy statement sets out what we do with Personal Data and what you can expect from 1st Halesowen Scout Group as part of our obligations when processing this Personal Data. Additional information about our general data privacy position can be found on this page.

Data Being Gathered

When involved in scouting activities with us we will gather and processing information on:

Why is this being collected?

We use this information to:

Where will the Data be Stored?

Most data will be stored using Online Scout Manager. Details on their security and privacy polices can be found linked from

For tax purposes we will retain a signed gift aid declaration where appropriate. This will be stored securely with our subscription secretary as paper records. These will be destroyed in line with our data retention policy when membership ceases.

We take data security seriously.

Who will have Access to the Data?

Data on individuals would be available to:

In addition, anonymous statistics on our members may be made available to the hierarchy of the Scout Association for reporting purposes. For example, monitoring the number of badges awarded in our group, or to calculate the demographics of the associations members.

Access policies for data stored in Online Scout Manager is covered by their policies which are linked from

Retention Policy

Data will be destroyed in line with our retention policy. Copies of this are available on request. Contact a section leader or